Become a private pilot in as little as 21 days

Accelerated Private Pilot Course

Accelerated PPL is a fast track program designed for students who want to complete their training expeditiously. We offer an intense training program for student pilots seeking to train as often as possible and obtain their license in under four weeks. The program includes one-on-one flight training and ground instruction.

Advantages of Accelerated Flight Training with Flying Academy

Save Time

The average pilot training program can take a few months and up to a year. With the accelerated course, you’re likely to complete all of your training in just a few weeks. With this shorter training program, student pilots train up to eight hours a day, five days a week, learning everything they need to know to become a safe and competent pilot.

Save Money

Save money by participating in the accelerated flight program instead of the traditional one. With Flying Academy’s accelerated program, not only will you not repeat lessons that often, but you will also move through your training faster saving you money. You will also spend less money for accommodation and other costs that come with your relocation for this short period of time!

Training Locations

One of the main factors of flight training delay is poor weather conditions. But with our strategic location in Van Nuys, California, or the picturesque Corona, California- The weather is more than accommodating most of the year!

Great for Self Starters

Those participating in the accelerated private pilot program will likely need to learn all or most of the written test standards before training starts. When your training starts, you’ll hop right into the plane and start flying, working toward the minimum 40-hours of flight time needed to become a private pilot.


FAA Accelerated Private Pilot Course