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About Us

Flying Academy is a flight school operating under the FAA (Federal Aviation Association), located in the beautiful sunny states in sunny states Miami and California. The Academy’s top priority is to provide exceptional pilot training to all its pilots, regardless of where they are from and regardless of the path they wish to pursue in the world of aviation.

Learning Management System

In our flight school, there are a lot of people with passion and big dreams and our aim is to help fulfill their wishes.
For these reasons our LMS – Learning Management System is fully available to assist and help go through the ground & flight training. The Flying Academy eLearning system is one of the key elements to our brand new World Wide Campus. Some of the main features of our eLearning System include interactive coursework to be completed during class time or as homework, as well as handbooks, manuals, charts, tutorials, practice tests, and stage check tests- just to name a few.

Our Mission

Based on a personal approach with a step-by-step guide, close monitoring on progress, and adaption of the training to meet personal needs.
Located within a 1 hour drive of Los Angeles.



Flying Academy is an international worldwide flight training center, operating under FAA in the great states of Florida & California.

By Pilots, For Pilots

We provide top-of-the line pilot training by professional pilots for our dedicated prospect pilots.

International Community

With over 20 years of experience in the USA, Flying Academy has set a name for itself by reaching student pilots from all across the globe, by providing pilot training in Miami, Los Angeles, and our Worldwide Campus– we keep enriching our international community.

Flexible Training Programs

We cater flexible schedules and provide flight bookings at your disposal via your MyFbo account, as well as complete major portions of the overall pilot training (the Ground Training portion) remotely via our Worldwide Campus.


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Miami, Florida
Los Angeles California, Corona
Los Angeles California, Van Nuys