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FAA Pilot Training

FAA is a type of pilot license in the United States. Flying Academy is a flight school authorized by the FAA under Part 141 and Part 61. With us, you have an opportunity to become an international professional pilot holding FAA Commercial Pilot License of the United States

FAA Accelerated Training

Accelerated training is a fast track program designed for students who want to complete their training expeditiously. We offer an intense training program for student pilots seeking to train as often as possible and obtain their license in under few weeks. The program includes one-on-one flight training and ground instruction.

Time Building in California

Time Building offers pilots the opportunity to build flight hours in Van Nuys and Corona, CA. Pilots can indulge themselves with our beautiful views! As part of the Time Building program, you are able to get discounts on flights due to the large number of hours they purchase. You also have the opportunity to create your individualized schedule. Flying Academy LA is perfect for time building. The Southern California climate gives us the possibility to fly 365 days a year

Flight Training Courses offered by Flying Academy

Private Pilot Training

Time Building

Instrument Training

Instrument Proficiency Check

Commercial Training

Complex Training

Flight Instructor Training

Flight Instrument Instructor Training

Flight Review

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Become a Professional Pilot Now with Online Theory

FAA Online Courses facilitate your pilot training journey by allowing you to complete all ground training for PPL, CPL, and IR theoretical modules virtually and anywhere. You now also have the opportunity to refresh your theoretical knowledge by purchasing one of our brush-up courses, or get deep theoretical preparation and complete your ground training by choosing one of our full package courses!

The Online Theory courses are conducted as a fully distant training course. The ground lessons are provided live by professional lecturers from our modernly equipped studios. The online classes are performed daily, giving you the possibility to study on a daily basis even when you are away from school!

Theory courses cover all the subjects required by FAA and take the form of lectures, consultations, and, above all, interactive educational tools that are available to you at any time. You will learn the basics of aerodynamics and principles of flight, meteorology, navigation, aviation regulations, and other topics. Those basics are essential for your theory exams and are meant to improve your practical skills in flying airplanes.

FAA Instrument Rating Online Theory

Instrument rating is a qualification that allows a pilot to fly in low visibility weather conditions, according to Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) with a minimum decision height of 60m (200feet).
* If you wish to become a professional airline pilot, Instrument Rating is a must. For private pilots it is a very useful qualification, particularly for long-distance flights.

FAA Private Pilot License Online Theory

PPL (A) training is the first step towards becoming a professional pilot and our online theory courses are designed for applicants with 0 to the little flight experience.

FAA Commercial Pilot License Online Theory

The Commercial Pilot License training is usually one of the last steps in becoming a professional pilot. To find out more about how to become a professional pilot, please click here. The Commercial Pilot Certificate is a qualification that permits the holder to act as the pilot of an aircraft for remuneration, i.e. to get employed as a pilot.